This is a list of resources in the East TN area

Everything from groomers and local thrift stores to resources for spay and neuter clinics 

Spay and Nueter

PPAWS- Located in Greenback, TN within Loudon County, the mission of this organization is to make spay and neuter surgeries affordable to everyone.


TN State Directory of Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics organized by County:


Please also contact your local Animal Shelter and ask if they know of any low-income FREE Spay/Neuter voucher programs! 



Jacqueline's Happy Pup Parlor

We cannot say enough positive things about Jacqueline and her grooming service.  She is patient and takes time to meet our rescue pups where they are so they feel comfortable and safe with her as a new person in a new place.  Our dogs always look amazing when they are finished at Jacqueline's.


Jacqueline has also come in clutch for us on quite a few occasions!  Whether it’s last minute short-term fostering, agreeing to be a long-term foster (for a completely different dog), grooming our rescue dogs pro bono, volunteering to use her business as a platform to advocate for donations, or being willing to help transport dogs to appts when needed πŸš— , she has been an absolute gem over the past few months! πŸ’•




Thrift Store
The Clique for Animals

The Clique is a non-profit organization that helps animals in East Tennessee. They have been a huge supporter of our rescue from the beginning and have helped us host a fundraising event, advocated for donations and adoptions of our rescue dogs, and recently chose our rescue for a $1,500 grant!!!  We are using these funds to help complete our dog run!  πŸ‘ 

If you’re in the mood for a little shopping, go on and check them out!! πŸ›’ πŸ›οΈ


Location: 4439 Highway 411, Madisonville, TN, United States, Tennessee


(IN STRIP MALL BEHIND TACO BELL on Ball Play, GPS is sending people into a field) 


Madisonville, TN, United States, Tennessee



Dog Training
Pawsitively K9

We highly recommend Johnny with Pawsitively K9 for all of your dog training needs.  They are located in Athens but do travel to perform evaluations and training sessions.  They also offer Board and Train options.  We have utilized Johnny countless times to help us evaluate our rescue dogs and figure out what is needed to build their trust and help them blossom.

Good Time Resource
Carpool Garage

Not only is this bar dog-friendly in the Summer, they have also helped us with fundraising, collecting donations, and spreading the word about our adoptable dogs!   They have also allowed our adoptable pups to come say hello to their patrons during our Doggie Days Out.  We are eager to continue to work with them for future adoption and fundraising events.  They also have pool tables and special events like live DJs, karaoke, and line dancing on occasion!  



Doggie Products
Dawgy Suds

We are also a huge fan of Dawgy Suds!  They have a snoot and paw balm that our babies love!  It helps soothe dry, cracked skin and they also make shampoo bars with dog safe essential oils specifically chosen to help you accomplish goals for your pet.  For example, a bar with Sweet Orange essential oil helps to relax and calm your dog, removes dead skin cells, adds deep shine to their coats, and is deodorizing and refreshing.  It is an excellent insect repellant and can even help stimulate appetite in dogs that refuse to eat.  All of their products are all natural and free of harsh chemicals!


Products they now offer:  Shampoo Bars, Dry Shampoo, Pawfume, Bath Bombs, Snoot and Paw Balm.


Vet Grants
Financial Aid Resources for Animal Owners

Please follow the link for grants that can help with financial resources.



Other Resources
Helping Paws Animal Network

Help local verified rescue groups with funds for food, shelter, veterinary services, boarding, and other critical needs for animals that are hungry, hurting, or homeless.


Have a list of rescue groups in the area: